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Mariposa’s Artisanal Gift Guide: Globally Inspired Craftsmanship in the Home


Mariposa ceramic serveware

Gift-giving is a universal language. Everyone loves receiving gifts, and many also enjoy the process of finding that perfect gift for someone in their life.

Here at Mariposa, we’re proud to offer personalized gifts for the home that have delighted our customers for over three decades. Our unique, artisanal, and eco-friendly products are a result of the collaboration between our innovative designers and expert artisans across the globe who work together to bring the best of foreign cultures back home.

With everything from Italian glassware and marbled Turkish ceramics, to stunning tableware from Mexico, Mariposa’s collections range from high art to whimsical gifts, and cover a wide variety of price points. Nearly all of our products are crafted from 100% recycled materials, meaning we not only provide the highest quality products for our customers, but we’re giving the planet a good return along the way.

Whether you’re looking for a gift to surprise your significant other, delight a family member, or treat yourself and your home to a personalized boost of style, Mariposa has something for everyone. With our artisanal gift guide, you can insert yourself into a whole new world of globally inspired craftsmanship and eco-friendly innovation.

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The Splendor of Making Others Feel at Home

The Timeless Beauty of Artisanal Gifts

The Splendor of Making Others Feel at Home

Mariposa serving trays and glassware

When you invite someone into your home, you’re welcoming them into a space that’s uniquely yours. At Mariposa, we believe that there are few things more fulfilling than making others feel at home. Establishing a congenial aesthetic may take time, but the result is a space that feels lived-in and well-loved.

The options for a personalized aesthetic are endless and depend entirely on your own stylistic sensibilities. You can reflect your sense of style serving your guests' wine in beautiful Bellini stemless red wine glasses, or chill a cocktail with ice from a fabulous Bellini ice bucket, both of which have been handcrafted by master craftsmen in Italy.

Whatever options suit you best, our artisanal home decor and serveware will provide your home, and the guests who visit it with a warm, personalized memorable experience.

Mariposa glassware and barware     Mariposa artisan

To help you outfit your home with the very best designs and highest quality decor, here are just a few of the unique and personalized gifts and products we can provide. You could adorn your bookshelves with uniquely personalized picture frames that highlight your family’s lives together or monogram an ice bucket as a wedding gift for those who are embarking on their own journey! Exquisite engraving on Mariposa is a way to save treasured memories.

Mariposa engraved wedding photo frame     Mariposa engraved monogram serving tray

Recycled Materials for Hospitality

Mariposa napkin box and weight with Mariposa serveware

Mariposa has long believed that anything that’s handmade can---and should---make a uniquely positive impact on the people and environment to which it belongs. This is one of the many reasons why we were the true pioneer in converting recycled materials, from glass to metals and more, into personalized and refined serveware and decorative accents for the home.

The vast majority of our products and gifts are crafted from 100% recycled materials and constructed by expert artisans. When you purchase a gift from Mariposa, you’re not only going to delight the recipient of the gift, but you are also helping support an eco-friendly business that prioritizes the world we call our home.

Are you having a few close friends over for a visit? Consider using some of the items from our signature String of Pearls collection, such as our Oversized Pearled Compote to entertain with the perfect balance of classic and chic.

Mariposa barware, glasses, and serveware 

Handcrafted from 100% recycled aluminum, the pearled border of the Oval Wavy Serving Bowl transforms it into a modern and luxurious shape, making it a perfect centerpiece for any tabletop. Pair it with a brilliant set of Pearled Salad Servers for elegant entertaining. Add a Pearled Divided Server for hors d’hourves and get your party started!

If you’re hosting a full dinner party, then consider using our Bellini glassware. Bellini is a rich line of Italian glassware designed to handsomely suit any taste. With unparalleled texture and clarity, bubbles are suspended in the glass as if fizzing forever. The Stemless Red Wine Glass fits comfortably in your hand and your cupboard, while the Bellini White Wine is the right choice for a perfect pour of your favorite Chablis!

If you need to keep your wine chilled, then our Bellini Ice Bucket will add a simple, timeless elegance to any bar or table. It’s perfect for holding ice or for chilling bottles and will be a flawless addition for your casual or elegant parties.

Mariposa barware

Designs Inspired by Global Travel

Mariposa CEO Livia with Arturo

Mariposa is committed to creating unique and personalized objects that go above and beyond the demands of today’s educated and sophisticated consumer. In order to continually expand and diversify our offerings, Founder and CEO, Livia Cowan, travels the world in search of inspiration and wonder. Livia returns with newfound insights and works with designers Michael Updike and Shelly Bradbury to produce unique and natural ceramic patterns, refined and recycled glassware, and sustainably functional platters and trays made out of everything from recycled aluminum to beautiful wood veneers.

Mariposa serveware     Mariposa serveware and glassware

Livia’s travels span the world in order to bring the world to your home. She frequently visits our high caliber partners in Mexico---the only metals factory that has been consistently awarded the Certified Clean Industries Commendation. Beyond that, they support first class working conditions, education and health care, in addition to actively providing job opportunities for women in pursuit of a future where women are treated equally to men.

It is of the utmost importance that we treat our team of artisans with respect and dignity, providing them with healthy, safe work conditions that are sadly rare in this industry. Our artisans are the heart of our Mariposa family, and Livia is continually blown away by their meticulous eye for detail and dedication to their craft.

Dedication to Craftsmanship

Mariposa artisan

Alongside our efforts to pursue the best and most eco-friendly materials, we’re also passionately committed to the highest quality craftsmanship available. While there’s an endless selection of cheap and generic products you can use to decorate your home, Mariposa is devoted to something more genuine, more substantive, and more passionate.

Our ever-expanding dedication to the tradition of genuine craftsmanship and passionate pursuit of natural materials helps fill a void in the home goods marketplace that has been left untouched for too long.

Consider our Sueño collection. The Sueño collection, designed by sculptor Shelly Bradbury, is a romantic reverie featuring stunning, soft textures made by expert artisans out of beaded (and recycled!) aluminum. The Sueño Pitcher, for example, will delight guests with its delicately beaded design and is sure to be an elegant centerpiece on any table.

Mariposa Sueno Pitcher     Shelly Bradbury

Mariposa shares your desire for your home to be a haven for personalized beauty, character, and class that provides the kind of welcoming atmosphere that we all long for and deserve. It’s this core value that motivates us to create unique gifts for the home, and we support these values by always ensuring that our artisans enjoy competitive wages, excellent benefits, and safe working conditions.

The best craftsmanship takes time to do right, and we want to respect and support that process however we can, so our products will always meet the highest of standards. 

The Timeless Beauty of Artisanal Gifts

There are few gifts that are as timelessly beautiful as artisanally handmade ceramics or glassware. Everything at Mariposa is truly handmade, meaning that there are never two pieces exactly alike. This level of dedication to the art of craft is hard-to-find and bound to delight, anyone and everyone.

Mariposa ring dishes

We strive to satisfy the gift-giving needs of everyone with our high quality, perfectly packaged, eco-chic designs at price points that are accessible and approachable. The highest quality artisanal gifts should be available to everyone, and at Mariposa, we’re proud to offer beautiful gifts that can elevate a home or apartment into the highest levels of style.

A Gift for Tradition, Reimagined

Mariposa ice bucket and glass

Mariposa takes traditional items such as serveware, glassware, and home accessories and reimagines them for a new and modern twist.

When giving a gift, don’t forget to personalize it! Mariposa products also make perfect wedding gifts! A monogrammed String of Pearls Ice Bucket is the most desired on every registry. Or…consider our collection of fine metal picture frames, for example. These stunning frames are handcrafted, created out of 100% recycled aluminum, and will never tarnish with age, allowing the cherished memories held within to last forever. The best part is knowing that these personalized gifts for the home will never go out of style.

For fun? If you’re having a guest over for dinner, consider surprising them with a unique and customized gift like one of our playful Post it Note Holders. With a message engraved on the surface, you can show your dear friend how much you care by with a modern touch that’s unique to your friendship with them. Or get really silly---or sentimental---and create your own personalized custom-made item!

Best yet? Designer Michael Updike’s favorite and most-playful birthday gift is the now-famous Number Candle Holder Set. Celebrate birthdays of babies and grandparents, unforgettably.

Michael Updike     Michael Updike number candle holder

Another popular wedding gift option comes from our Infinity Rectangular TraysThis contemporary, sleek design will never tarnish, features beautiful---and symbolic---infinity loop handles, and is easy to transport from table to bar to kitchen. Just like our picture frames, these trays can also be personalized with the bride and groom’s names or other personal touches that will make their gift 100% unique to them.

Mariposa engraved monogram Infinity serving tray

If you’re looking to enhance your own home’s style, then we have items for you as well! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your table setting with pieces from our stylish and modern String of Pearls collection, or you’re ready to outfit your home with some designer-chic handcrafted Crocodile ceramics, Mariposa is here with a myriad of options.

Gifts with a Personal Touch

Ultimately, one of our most important goals here at Mariposa is to provide personalized gifts that you can’t find anywhere else. When you gift someone a one-of-a-kind Mariposa product, you’ll be showing the recipient that you’ve personally and carefully selected a gift that reflects their lifestyle, their interests, or their shared relationship with you.

With multiple options for unique customization—monograms, names, dates, logos, and more—you can be confident that your personalized gift will be unlike anything the recipient has seen before. 

 Mariposa personalized engraved photo frames

Our custom-made picture frames are one of our most popular products for this very reason. They’re not only a stunning and sophisticated way to show-off favorite memories and experiences, but the options for personalization mean they’ll be able to add to the memories contained in the photo itself.

Each of our products is designed to evoke style and give a fresh, sophisticated, and modern touch to any home aesthetic. Whether you've just discovered our superb collections, or have happily accompanied us on our three-decade-long journey, we're delighted to know you and hope our products make you as happy as they make us!

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