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Free Engraving + How to Guide

Posted by Mariposa on April 08, 2019

A touch traditional, always fun and it makes everything more personal.

Not sure where to begin?

with a Few Simple Steps...

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Mariposa’s Artisanal Gift Guide: Globally Inspired Craftsmanship in the Home

Posted by Mariposa on January 31, 2019


Gift-giving is a universal language. Everyone loves receiving gifts, and many also enjoy the process of finding that perfect gift for someone in their life.

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Our Story

At Mariposa, we celebrate the passion of food and the splendor of making others feel at home. In short, we have a gift for entertaining.

Mariposa products are all handmade. No two pieces are ever exactly alike. We have long believed that anything handmade must make a positive impact on people and the environment.

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